Soul Guiders KS

What is a Soul Guider?

Well, yes the function page does give a good description. But SG's welcome all the new recruits and make sure they feel welcome in KS. They help them meet other people in the clan and they help them learn the rules and other KS information. If the recruits have a question, the SG should be able to answer it.

 SG's should really try to help the new members as much as they can. Bringing in new members is great, but they need something to do when they get here! Each person wants to find something they have in common with others in KS. So as an SG you should help them find that so they have fun in KS


If any member or SG has any questions or just wants to talk, you can contact: 

Jupe: projoakimeriksson (Skype)

Lounana, at:

StarWars-OE at: